SEQUOIA resolution

The plots in this page are interactive plots.

  • You can drag a rectangle to zoom in
  • There are several icons near the top-right corner on each plot as you hover your mouse on top of the plot, including an icon to zoom out
  • To the right of a plot, there are legends of curves. Click a legend to show/hide the corresponding curve
  • Hover the mouse over any data point to show more information related to the data point

Experimental data

The data here are collected using a vanadium standard (annulus of diameter=height=3cm and thickness=1mm) for a series of incident energies, Fermi chopper slit packages and operating frequencies. The flux is obtained from I(E) spectra obtained by integrating the middle 1/3 of Q range of the reduced I(Q,E) spectra. The FWHM is obtained from the interpolation of the same I(E) spectra.

Resolution(FWHM) vs Energy

Intensity vs Energy

Flux (intensity) vs Resolution (FWHM)

Resolution(FWHM) vs Energy with multiple chopper frequency settings

Intensity vs Energy with multiple chopper frequency settings

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